Camping in the Rain

Kim, Trish, I'm talking to you here...

Rain can greatly reduce the fun of camping.But you can prepare and minimize the displeasure.

I'm talking about car camping right now. Hiking will be addressed on a future post.

First, at the beginning of every season, you should make sure your tent seams are waterproofed, and there are no tears or holes in the tent. Ideally this is down before each trip, but let's be real.

Next the proper clothes should be packed. "But I didn't know it was going to rain when I packed."

I get that, but I'm not talking about standard packing. I mean those few extra articles of clothing that should be brought every time. For example a real raincoat, rain suit or poncho. For each member of the family. And boots. Whether they are your heavy leather boots (which I hope you water proofed) or actual galoshes, you will be much happier with your feet dry.

Next, where you set your tent up is important. Water runs downhill, right? So you want a high point. It doesn't have to be very high, just higher than the surrounding terrain. Here's a tip. If you know ahead of time it is going to rain, or can get to it before it starts to pour, place a tarp inside your tent. Any water that gets in, or condensation will run down the walls and under the tarp, keeping your sleeping bags and gear dry.

How about the cooking/dining area? Well if your tent is on the high ground your kitchen/dining area should be on a slight incline where the water flows, but slowly. Place your awning or tarp there.

Hopefully you brought some books to read around the campfire, cards or a favorite game to play at the table. But remember, you brought that rain gear, there is no reason you can't take a stroll and laugh at all the unprepared campers nearby.

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